Our Process


The very first step of your Staker Sartorial experience is always a lot of fun. You will sit down and be exposed endless amounts of fabrics and design options which will end up being your finished garment.
Being guided through this process with your own personal designer, we ask a number of questions to help us understand your reasons for purchasing a suit and the requirements for wearing it.
No detail is left out and everything will be explained to you, so, you understand why we’re designing your suit a certain way for you.


Every person’s measurements are something that needs to be taken meticulously because they become the foundation of the suit when it begins being made. We have implemented a unique, tried and tested process to ensure not one is missed. Each person will go through the same series of 30+ measurements, which are then stored in your personal file.


We don’t believe you can ever have too many fittings to make your suit perfect, so, we will fit you as many times as we need to for you to feel comfortable. Along with our measurement process being unique, we have also created your fitting process to be like no other, the best part is you will have a suit on in your first fitting. (Amazing right!)

Our exclusive fitting process allows us to see how a suits fits on your body which gives us the opportunity to make your suit with the correctly the first time and not make any body changes after the suit has already been made.
This process was implemented because your MTM suits should hide all the body flaws and accentuate the great things we all have.

Fabrics & Materials

Choosing a beautiful fabric is not the only choice you have to make with your new MTM suit, you also have to choose what goes on the inside, which is equally as important as what is on the outside. With our extensive range of world class fabrics from AU, NZ, EU & UK you will be wearing the same fabrics released overseas at the same time.

We use fabrics from Dormueil, Reda, Holland & Sherry, Carnet & Fox Bros to name a few.

Inside your garment you will have a choice of the type and size of your canvas as well as the lining of the jacket.

It doesn’t stop there; we even let you choose your buttons.


From the first measurement to the last stitch every suit is created with the highest level of craftsmanship. SS can provide you with the latest technology in suit construction or the most traditional hand-sewn techniques, it’s all depends on what suits you as our customer.
Every body shape is different, so, we make sure your suit is constructed to fit your body the best it possibly can.

Fit & Finish

After your garment is 95% complete you will come back in for a final fitting but this time with your suit. This gives us another opportunity to check every last details before the final stitch is sewn. At this point if any minor changes are needed they can be done. Who knows you may have changed your mind on the size of your pant break.


The time has arrived! It has been about 4-6 weeks since we first saw you and we have been on quite a journey together.

Your garment has arrived and is completely finished ready for you to flaunt it wherever you damn well want.

All we ask is that you do is wear it with the most amount of swagger as possible.