Our Process


The first step of your experience will be discussing which design will best fit your needs. Once you have chosen your design you will be sit down and look at a range of fabrics and materials suited to your design.

No detail is left out and everything will be explained to you, so, you understand why we’re designing your suit a certain way for you.


Each person’s posture and measurements are unique to them and something that needs to be looked at meticulously, because they become the foundation of the pattern used to construct each garment. We have implemented a unique, tried, and tested process to ensure nothing is missed. Once we have your completed pattern it is then stored in your personal file for future garments.


We don’t believe you can ever have too many fittings to make your garments fit perfectly, so, we will fit you as many times as needed to for you to feel comfortable. Our exclusive fitting process allows us to see how each garment fits on your body which gives us the opportunity to make sure they fit correctly the first time.

This process was implemented because your clothing should hide all the body flaws and accentuate the great things, we all have.


From the first measurement to the last stitch every garment is created with the highest level of craftsmanship. You can choose to have your garments constructed with the latest technology in construction or the most traditional hand-sewn techniques, it all depends on what works for you as our customer.

Fit & Finish

When your garment is in the final stages of being completed, you will do a final fitting in your garment. This gives us the opportunity to check every detail before the final stitch is sewn. At this point if any minor changes are needed, they can be done.